Usernames You Don't Want On Your System

Posted on May, 2013

Based on experience with various projects, here's the list of usernames that users probably shouldn't use on any given system. Curses are excluded. So, during the registration sequence, it may be a good idea to check username against this list.

about access aboutus account accounts add address adm admin administer
administrater anonymous auther administration adult
advertising affiliate affiliates ajax analytics android anon anonymous
api app apps archive atom auth authentication avatar
backup banner banners bin billing blog blogs blogger board bot
bots business
chat cache cadastro calendar campaign careers cgi client cliente code comercial
compare config connect contact contact contactus
contributer contributor cpanel
contest create code compras css dashboard directer director data
db design delete demo default design designer dev devel dir directory
doc docs domain download downloads edit editor editer email ecommerce
forum forums faq favorite feed feedback flog follow file files free
ftp gadget gadgets games guest group groups help home homepage host
hosting hostname html http httpd https hpg info information image img images
import imap index invite intranet indice ipad iphone irc java javascript job
jobs js knowledgebase log login logs logout logoff list lists loggedin
loggedout moderater moderator mail mail1 mail2 mail3 mail4 mail5 mailer
mailing mx manager marketing master me media message microblog microblogs
mine mp3 msg msn mysql messenger mob mobile more movie movies music
musicas my mysql name named net network new news newsletter nick
nickname notes noticias ns ns1 ns2 ns3 ns4 nobody nobody owner postmaster
president registar old online operator order orders original page pager
pages panel password perl pic pics pin photo photos photoalbum php plugin
plugins pop pop3 post postmaster register registrar root signout postfix
posts profile project projects promo pub public python random register
registration root ruby rss sale sales sample samples script scripts
secure send service shop sql signup single signin search security
settings setting setup site sites stream sitemap smtp soporte ssh
stage staging start subscribe subdomain suporte support stat static
stats status store stores system tablet tablets tech telnet test
test1 test2 test3 teste tests theme themes tmp todo task tasks
tools tv talk update upload url user username usuario usage
vendas video videos visitor win ww www www1 www2 www3 www4 www5
www6 www7 wwww wws wwws web webmail website websites webmaster
workshop xxx xpg vicepresident webmaster you yourname
yourusername yoursite yourdomain