Mar, 2018

How to test Stripe Webhooks on the localhost

Stripe Webhooks can be used for variety of applications, but how to test them on localhost before deployment?

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Feb, 2018

10 Best Google Web Fonts in 2018

Here are top ten Google Font combinations for clean and professional look of your website in 2018.

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Sep, 2017

Still not on HTTPS? We have some bad news.

When Google Chrome reaches version 62, which will happen in October 2017, even more HTTP sites will be marked as "not secure".

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May, 2013

Usernames You Don't Want On Your System

Based on experience with various projects, here's the list of usernames that users probably shouldn't use on any given system. Curses are excluded. So, during the registration squence, it may be a good idea to check username against this list.

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