So Digital


Custom Development


Custom CMS, Data Migration, Front-end Development, Responsive Design, Development

We are thrilled to have collaborated with "So Digital," a renowned digital agency based in the Netherlands. Their expertise lies in serving the headquarters of global brands, assisting them in simplifying strategy execution and maximizing their corporate impact as scale economizers and advantage accelerators.

For this project, we undertook custom development work, creating a visually stunning and highly functional website. Additionally, we developed several specific applications on subdomains to cater to the unique requirements of the client.

To ensure seamless user experience and efficient content management, we implemented a new design and built a tailored modular site-builder using VueJS. This cutting-edge technology allowed us to create a flexible and intuitive platform that empowers "So Digital" to efficiently manage their digital presence and deliver exceptional results to their clients.

We are proud to have contributed to the success of "So Digital" and their mission of enabling global brands to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape.


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