Lebanese Jobs

LebJobs is one of the most complex projects completed in 2017. It is developed as a platform for job search, career advice and hiring resources. Project is focused on Lebanon and it's very competitive labour market, but also on general region of Middle East and on positions overseas as well.

One of the major challenges facing the Lebanese economy is the creation of jobs for young people, namely graduates. The economy must make use of the skills, expertise and talents available in Lebanon in order to achieve high and sustainable growth rates. LebJobs is step in that direction, targeting young people.


We were tasked with with end-to-end development of this project mid-2017. Our existing experience with similar (job search) web-sites made planning phase easier, but nevertheless we conducted serious research on existing solutions world-wide and together with Client compiled list of features mandatory for the first version.

With first low-precision drafts and feature-set confirmed, we could start work. Besides usual requirements, site had to exchange jobs via XML with other important regional web-sites, credit-card gateway was mandatory with automatic generation of PDF format invoices, and uploaded CVs should be searchable by textual content inside.


Regarding tech-stack we opted for Laravel Framework with MySQL relational database. Variety of features are developed to help job-seekers and businesses alike with timely CRON jobs for reports, notifications etc.

Job-seekers have options to set their job alerts with desired frequency and selected keywords/industries. LinkedIn login was mandatory, along with sending of interesting positions to friends, easy job filtering with different parameters, saving jobs for later and many more. Important part of project is Career Consulting option as well, where job-seekers can get reviews of CV, cover letters, and also can schedule a mock interview.

Businesses and HRs can publish job-positions as classic and featured ads. They have insight into their page-views, can review applications (in textual and numeral fashion), and have unrestricted access to all CVs ever applied.

Very important components were event-logger, since platform generates huge number of various events, and also various statistics and reports on user activity which are sent periodically to administrators and moderators. Combined with information received from Google Analytics, they are giving very good insight in activities on the platform.


Whether you have a question, suggestion or feedback, our team is always here to assist you. We believe that communication is key to building strong and long-lasting relationships, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible support.