Dr Trishan Panch

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Wellframe
We worked with Srdan and his team for 3 years. He is very professional and became another member of our team. He is also a great person and really enjoyed getting to know him.

Danny Vandijck

Co-Founder at Use 1ID
Srdjan is a hard working expert and completed our project beyond expectations. He is a well organized developer who was doing a very good job managing his team. He is a listener and open for discussions. If it depends on me I will for sure work with him again in the (near) future.

Emma Saville

Co-founder/Programme Manager, Why Comics? Edu Charity/Senior Researcher, PositiveNegatives, MSc, PRINCE2 Practitioner
Srdjan worked tirelessly to create our beautiful bespoke websites www.positivenegatives.org and www.whycomics.org, the latter of which he created a bespoke CMS as WordPress etc' didn't have the functionality we required. I have always been really impressed with Srdjan's calm, professional manner, and his ability to meet every deadline in time, and to budget. I cannot highly recommend Srdjan enough, he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Harry Mitsidis

Founder at The Best Travelled
Thank you Srđan Stojković for dedicated work to thebesttravelled.com. It's been a lot of hard work but the update, new list of global regions, the new quirky tours section and much more have certainly been worth it!

Stefan Petrovic

Designer at ServiceNow
Srdjan is a fantastic person to work with. He has so many skills and deep background in design, development and leadership. He is creative and responsible team player and person with fantastic sense of humor from who I have learned a lot. I strongly recommend Srdjan.


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