Srđan Stojkovic

My proactive urge to advance with latest trends and emerging technologies, allowed me to work with industry leaders and innovators. Today I manage client facing environments and work on complex data sets. Besides my development knowledge, I also advise and work on startup projects. I am a "big data" advocate who appreciates a challenge. Information is beautiful.


Here are a few skills I am enthusiastic to share:

  • In-deepth experience with the Laravel Framework (4.2 - 6.x) and it’s ecosystem (most notably Lumen for REST API development) and object-oriented PHP Development
  • JS frameworks - Vue.js, AngularJS and Angular, Nuxt.js, Electron, Progressive Web Apps
  • SQL relational databases (MySQL, MariaDB) and SQL query language
  • HTML5/CSS3, Compiled CSS, npm
  • No-SQL technologies (Redis, Solr, MongoDB, Elastic Search, Cassandra)
  • Git, Bitbucket, Jira, BaseCamp, ActiveCollab, Trello
  • Knowledge of Python


  • MARSMEDIA PR  - Independent Contractor (7/2015 - Ongoing) Working on various projects as a contractor, in distributed teams and solo, predominantly on SaaS projects from the following industries: insurance & reinsurance, operational resilience intelligence, different referral program models, recruitment risk, travel-metrics.
  • DEPLOY INC, SERBIA – Frontend Developer (7/2014-7/2015) Lead team on end-to-end development of a high-trafic Drupal project for one of the world’s top tire manufacturers. Conducted scrum meetings, worked with junior team members.
  • BALLAB, SERBIA – Lead Software Engineer (12/2011-7/2014) Involved in development and support of several big-data cutting edge products (VOD Service, AI-driven loyalty program, audio message exchange platform) relying mostly on NoSQL scaleable data stores. Organized learning sessions, worked closely with juniors.
  • BANKOM LTD, SERBIA – Software Developer (03/2006-12/2011) Worked on Intranet and Internal tools, initiated migration from old Visual Basic Informative System solution to a platform independent web-based app.


The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies, Belgrade (Study Program: New Computer Technologies, graduated, 5 semesters programme, A2 compatible (Anabin))


Serbian (native), English (IELTS score 7/9), German (elementary)


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