Case Study

Venty Events


Dubai’s events scene is very vibrant. The emirate offers a comprehensive range of venues, from boutique hotels to vast exhibition halls, and it has become the established host of a broad range of events, from niche trade shows such as The Windows, Doors and Facades Show, which gets a few thousand visitors, to major international events such as Gulfood, which this year attracted more than 95,000 attendees. Dubai is ranked above such destinations as New York, Rome and Istanbul. And a sizeable chunk of that figure was down to one thing: events.

Having all this in mind, young enthusiastic startup team from Dubai approached me mid-2017 with idea of building platform that would simplify booking process of venues. Solution was to be localised to Dubai, but more cities may follow in the near future. This very enthusiastic team was from hospitality industry, and they needed some expertise and advice for building such platform.


Primary goal was to build a solution that connects those looking to book an event with venue owners around the city, in simplified and elegant fashion. Since team was from hospitality industry, planning phase was more important than usual - we wanted for everybody involved to know about how will platform work, and what features we can have.

After some initial paper sketches, we quickly moved to initial wire-frames and user-journey definitions, then to data modeling.

Color schema is derived from Venty Events logo


Laravel 5 is selected for this platform as reliable tool, with MySQL relational database, HTML5/SCSS on the display layer, and AngularJS component for request-sending page which proved to be highly complex.

We always organize our work in such fashion that Client receives first clickable and semi- functional version early on, 10 days or so into the project for web development projects of medium to high complexity. Instead of traditional lorem ipsums, we prefer libraries for creation of fake objects such as Faker to achieve more natural looking testing data.

With our proactive approach and devotion we quickly earned complete Client's trust, which in combination with clearly defined milestones resulted in very quick and efficient development process. In the same time Client could focus effort on social media activities and promotion.

Tagline: Find the perfect venue for your next event in Dubai

Involved technologies: PHP, Laravel Framework, Python, HTML5, CSS/SCSS, JS, AngularJS, Responsive Design, MySQL, LAMP, Apache

Year: 2020

Venty Events will be launched officially in March 2018, stay tuned!