I'm Srđan, a software developer from Belgrade, Serbia, founder of Escape Velocity, Digital Entrepreneur, Full-Stack Developer, Technology Adviser & Code Addict, Here you can find info about projects I worked on, some general stuff about me and options to get in touch. Feel free to drop me a line.

Featured Projects
Attorney Office App

Themis (Attorney Tools)

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Involvement: Development, Project owner Tools: AngularJS, PHP, MySQL

Themis is an app for case- and time-tracking optimized for attorney offices. Also embedded are calendar, file sharing point, analytics of spent time, reporting and invoicing modules. Developed in cooperation with a couple of attorney offices.



Visit Wellfra.me

Involvement: Front-end developer Tools: HTML5, CSS3

Wellframe gives people with complex chronic diseases a GPS navigation system for their health. This system empowers patients by giving them step-by-step guidance and human support. Wellframe uses technology to amplify rather than replace therapeutic relationships.

The Best Travelled Project

The Best Travelled

Visit thebesttravelled.com

Involvement: Development; design done by Boris Valusek and Stefan Petrovic Tools: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Flash

This site for world travellers went live at the beginning of 2012. Initial purpose was for travellers to be able to check-in visited locations, but eventually received a new functions. Site now have more than 5.000 members worldwide, 4.000 stories with more than 30.000 pictures and 200.000 check-ins.

Eye Li Project

Eye Li

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Involvement: Development; front-end Tools: Cassandra DB, AngularJS

Eye Li is kind of fun/test project that we did in Lab. It scans and analyses over 20 million sources and curators to find the highest quality images, using some basic NLP and named-entity recognition. Based on NoSQL Cassandra database. Project is discontinued.

Recent Posts

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About Me

Srdjan Stojkovic

My proactive urge to advance with latest trends and emerging technologies, allowed me to work with industry leaders and innovators. Today I manage client facing environments and work on complex data sets. Besides my development knowledge, I also advise and work on startup projects. I am a "big data" advocate who appreciates a challenge. Information is beautiful.

Personal & Skills

  • Age 35 and 10+ years of commercial web development experience.
  • Object-Oriented PHP Programming
  • Modern JS frameworks - BackboneJS, AngularJS
  • In depth knowledge of HTML/CSS, responsive design, SASS/Compas, SCSS, jQuery
  • Knowledge of SQL and relational databases
  • Querying and managing large data-sets in distributed storage (Apache Hive)
  • Experience with document indexing engines (Lucene, ElasticSearch, Solr)
  • Cassandra No-SQL Database
  • Web /graphic design skills, interest in UX
  • GitHub, SVN


  • Escape Velocity, Serbia (Current) - Founder. Escape Velocity specializes in UI, UX, design and development.
  • Deploy INC, Serbia/USA (2013-2015) - Senior Front-End Developer
  • Bal Lab, Serbia/Switzerland (2011-2013) - Lead Software Engineer: Start-ups in Voice Messaging, Ad-Serving, Retail Banking, Holiday Rentals and Crowd-Funding
  • Bankom doo, Serbia (2006-2011) - PHP Developer, Interface designer.
  • Intra.Net Communication, Serbia (2005-2006) - as developer and designer.



  • "DMS System for the Commercial Sector"(2010) as a co-author.


  • Big Data Technologies (Hadoop, Hive, Solr, Storm)
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Improvements in Educational System
  • Start-Ups, Idea Exchange

... or drop me a line